Tuesday, June 24, 2008

it's hard out here for an intern

Gawker has a post up today about starting a career in media in NYC, specifically, how???! It's not easy, anyone without rich, well-connected parents can tell you that. We all can't be Anna Wintour's daughter and be a contributing editor for Teen Vogue without even finishing college. Or Lauren Conrad who gets to be a fashion designer without even having talent (I can freakin cut holes out of pretty jersey fabric and call it a dress forchristsake).

When I decided I wanted to work for a women's magazine, I didn't think I'd get a fabulous job right away. I didn't really know what I'd be getting into. But I also didn't think that after 3 internships at national publications, a geek-worthy GPA, clips and gushing references from top editors, I'd have to bust my butt to get a job. Or bust my butt to be an intern...again.

Don't get me wrong: I love my job. I get to write, the staff is incredibly nice and I'm treated like an actual staff member, not "the intern." I've been lucky in a lot of respects. I've had no "The Devil Wears Prada" type nightmare experiences. But holymoly, when they say it's a competitive industry, they really mean it's a freaking competitive, someone-will-cut-your-throat-for-your-job, industry. I'm lucky that I get paid! And that I don't check out at the end of the day unsure about keeping my job or crying at my desk.

It's just that sometimes, when I look at my friends who are in safer career paths, I wonder where I'm headed. To ward off anxiety attacks I just keep in mind that they are not me. That I'm following my own path and working towards my dream, and to just keep swimming. I may not have a 401k or a benefits package, but I do get free beauty products.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

summer is here!

What a grrrreat way to start off the summer-- with a free hour and a half session of Bikram yoga in the middle of Times Square. The sun decided to beam right on Times Square about halfway into the session and my dripping sweat made the SPF in my facial moisturizer sting my eyes and made me tear for a good 30 minutes, but whatever. I got to work out, learn a new form of yoga, get free yoga coupons, aaand tan, all at the same time. I probably have a sunburn on my shoulders (again, ugh) because I didn't use any sunscreen on the rest of my body, but I'll deal.

I feel really good about getting back into yoga and actually trying to be in shape, and I hope I stay on track. I totally feel like a hipster walking around with my yoga mat in my ghetto neighborhood. But it also feels great to be able to do poses and strrrrretchhh. Man, who knew working for a health magazine would inspire me to, like, be healthy?

It also feels great to workout in front of people and not give a damn. Before I ever stepped into my college gym, I was intimidated. Because I knew athletes and athletic people would be there and then there's me-- teeny and out of shape. But you learn to tune things out and just doooo it.

I need an oil-free facial moisturizer with SPF that will not sting like a bitch when it gets in my eyes. Suggestions? Or is that the trade-off for protection from skin cancer?

Saturday, June 14, 2008

the best things in life are free

What do you do when you need to get back in shape but earning an hourly wage and you'd rather splurge on shoes than a gym membership? Get out there and do it for free!

I've been going to Bryant Park Yoga and I really hope to stay on track. I discovered this last summer and either my work schedule didn't permit or I was just too lazy/intimidated/not at all willing to sweat my butt off. But nowwww, now that I'm out of college and a free gym on campus is no longer an option, now that I'm in my 20s and fear for my fast metabolism's demise, I decided to do something a little more healthy for myself (so I won't feel guilty when I get my 3pm donuts).

It's a bit odd, stretching in the middle of NYC while construction workers, tourists, office workers just out of the 9-5 confinement stare at you, but after a while you learn to say "So what?" And it feels so great to do yoga again, after, hmm... 2 years?

So in the same spirit, when my boss mentioned Solstice in Times Square, I checked it out. Despite being at first being very very skeptical about doing yoga in the middle of Times Square (that area makes me want to punch people, specifically, slow walkers or people who walk without any direction) I decided to try it out anyway. It may turn out horribly, but to hell with it, it's free!

If anyone out there has tips for living on the cheap, pass them on!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

my feminist heart wants to cry a little

This presidential election has been historic, that needs not be said anymore. Two atypical politicians rose to the top and became viable candidates for president, and now a "black" American is even closer. (Quotation marks because Obama is as much white as he is black and it is ridiculous that we only recognize the black part. Racism? Check.) I am proud that someone with Obama's background is able to attain such an achievement.

But to someone who passionately believes in gender equality, this campaign has been disheartening. How can such an accomplished and distinguished lawyer and politician be scrutinized from her makeup, to her wardrobe, to her cleavage, to her marriage, her mothering skills, her tone of voice, her emotions, and everything else that has no relevance to the presidency, so openly, without loud outcry by the national media and public, and everyone else seems to think it is okay? Sexism, dear Americans, is well alive, but so deeply buried, that even those who suffer it cannot recognize it. And that makes me lose some hope. Hope Mr. Obama cannot ever eloquently reinstate in me.

But nonetheless, as I do not agree with McCain's or Republican politics, I will of course support the Democrats. Because this country definitely needs to get its act together.

Monday, June 2, 2008

common sense, fashion sense and sex and the city

So the big movie of the summer is here, for those with vaginas anyway. If you're a fan of Sex and the City the show, you'll enjoy the movie. If you're not a fan, then um, duh, don't see it. Don't criticize what you don't understand. And leave me and everyone else to enjoy in all things girly and fabulous. Looking for a feminist manifesto on screen? You're not gonna find it here. Just like you wouldn't be able to find it on the show. Who's more silly: the fan-base of this show or the critics who are outraged at the gross vapidity of it all? I say the latter, for trying to find something where it clearly does not exist. I know I can't afford Manolos with my freelancer's income (f-ck, I don't even have health insurance...but I dooo have a healthy amount of credit now! Stay tuned for further episodes of Marianne With a Shiny Credit Card) but that's not stopping me from enjoying someone else prance around in them and Dior and Vivienne Westwood and LV and blah blah blah... I'm not living in a fantasy world, I just like watching it. That's not being a vapid, materialistic, whore, that's just entertainment.

What is silly, however, is the fact that after getting blisters from walking all over Central Park in very flat flats on Friday and then walking in sensibly low wedges Saturday, I decided to torture my feet some more and wear 4-inch stilettos at work (AT, not to and from, because I've learned my lesson: NYC commuters should never ever commute in dangerous heels). Shoes that are a teeeny bit too small for me. That I haven't worn in two years. Did I mention one of my calves is sore (I don't know why)? Now that is an example of fashion sense getting in the way of common sense. But I'll be damned because they look soooo pretty.