Tuesday, June 3, 2008

my feminist heart wants to cry a little

This presidential election has been historic, that needs not be said anymore. Two atypical politicians rose to the top and became viable candidates for president, and now a "black" American is even closer. (Quotation marks because Obama is as much white as he is black and it is ridiculous that we only recognize the black part. Racism? Check.) I am proud that someone with Obama's background is able to attain such an achievement.

But to someone who passionately believes in gender equality, this campaign has been disheartening. How can such an accomplished and distinguished lawyer and politician be scrutinized from her makeup, to her wardrobe, to her cleavage, to her marriage, her mothering skills, her tone of voice, her emotions, and everything else that has no relevance to the presidency, so openly, without loud outcry by the national media and public, and everyone else seems to think it is okay? Sexism, dear Americans, is well alive, but so deeply buried, that even those who suffer it cannot recognize it. And that makes me lose some hope. Hope Mr. Obama cannot ever eloquently reinstate in me.

But nonetheless, as I do not agree with McCain's or Republican politics, I will of course support the Democrats. Because this country definitely needs to get its act together.

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