Saturday, March 24, 2007


Is it sad that I check my work e-mail when I'm not at work? Am I gonna be one of those people who are attached to their Blackberries that they have thumb or joint problems? I do want a Blackberry though. Or something like it.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

on Life

Chris Rock on the presidential race:

"Maybe Barack will win, but I probably won’t see a black president. There’s real equality when you don't notice [race], you don't even talk about it. I probably won’t live to see that."

I couldn't have said it better. There's so much hype about Barack Obama; he's become like a rock star in the political arena. But the fact is that people still fixate on his skin color. He's really not an African-American as most people refer to him. He's an American with a Kenyan father. But people find it much easier to just look at him and say, he's black. He shouldn't be noticed because he is intelligent and eloquent for a black man. He should be noticed because he is intelligent and eloquent. Period. But would he really be given this much attention if he weren't black? If he fit in with the rest of Congress in terms of his background? I don't think so.

I've said this before-- racism is not only the negative view of a group of people. Racism is when skin color determines/decides your perception of a person or people. If Barack Obama is a good presidential candidate, it should be because he's qualified and capable, whether he's black, white or purple.

Friday, March 9, 2007

i saved this on gmail because i dont have balls to update at work

The reason why I can tolerate working for free and one of the reasons why I love being in the magazine industry is that I get free stuff, especially free magazines (it helps me cut my spendings because I can spend more than $20 a month on those things if it's a good month). I managed to get a copy (the second to last one on the rack) of the W April issue, with a story on the one and only Shoe Queen, Imelda Marcos. Love it. Really, I'm fascinated with her and I want to meet her. We can chat about shoes and politics, New York and the Philippines (I think we have a lot in common! Not that I want to be a dictator's wife or anything... dictator maybe... kidding... maybe). I think she'd give me lots of interesting insight on these topics. One day, one freaking day, I will meet Imelda Marcos. (And one day, ONE FREAKING DAY, I WILL have her shoe collection.)

The Mahi Mahi and Ropa Vieja from the Cuban section in the cafe today is delicious, btw. Deeelicious! Cuban food = yumm.

Thursday, March 8, 2007

v for vagina

'Monologues' Spurs Dialogue on Taste and Speech

Are we as a society that sensitive to sexuality that the mere mention of a body part, that more than 50% of a population has, has become vulgar? Are we that prudish? It's just a word! Now I don't know what little kids use to refer to private parts because I didn't grow up speaking English, but if I had kids, I'd rather have them refer to the vagina by its proper term-- VAGINA. What are they supposed to call it, a flower? I hate cutesy names for otherwise normal things. Blech. Call it what it is.

It's just a word, and moreover, it's just a vagina. All women have one (or should, right?). What's the big freaking deal? Like when a girl is wearing a skirt and some pervert tries to look in between her legs like he's gonna find hidden treasure. I'm sure they all look about the same, buddy. People are making something so ordinary to be something so more than it is. It's just a word. It's just a vagina.

Vagina vagina vagina. Vagina vagina vagina vagina vagina. Vagina.