Thursday, October 16, 2008

I don't need airquotes to say You Are An ASSHOLE, John McCain

I chose to watch the season finale of Project Runway last night instead of the first hour of the presidential debate. And I don't regret that choice because hearing McCain speak and hearing him debate with Obama makes me sick. But I did tune in to the debate after Project Runway, just in time to hear both candidates' views on late-term abortion and women's health. This time, hearing McCain's views didn't make me sick. They made me utterly disgusted. Insulted. LIVID.

Are you kidding me, McCain? Are you seriously telling me that a woman's health is irrelevant in the abortion debate? Women's "health" is not an excuse to get an abortion, it's a serious consideration. It's a shame you don't have a vagina or try to understand our side of the argument, McCain. It's a shame you don't have a functional brain anymore either. I get it, you're more concerned about a potential person than about an already living woman, that to you, we are born to be mothers and are nothing more than walking vaginas who will clean your house and make you dinner, but there is no need for that mocking tone. Unfuckingnecessary.

McCain never had my vote, but now he has none of my respect either. And anyone who still thinks this douchebag is fit to be president is a joke in my book.

Vote for the intelligent, dignified and diplomatic candidate. Vote for the man who will represent America respectfully and who will gain the respect of the rest of the world.

Obama/Biden '08.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Excuse me, Google?

Is Google trying to tell me something through its Google ads? First it's the "Chubby Girl No More" ads and now its nursing classes.

Dear Google,

Mind your own business.

Miss not fat and not interested in nursing Mango.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Oh hey, it's October

I feel bad starting October (well, its already kinda mid-October but whatever) on this blog with a sad note, soooooo....

I share with you Yes We Can (hold babies). You may not be the most fervent Obama supporter, but after looking at this site you just may like him a little more. Or at least have a smile on your face and that is priceless. Plus, who can resist some cuuuute little babies?

RIP CosmoGirl (Or Shitfuckshit, part 3, but I don't want to know how many parts this is gonna have)


I've only read a few issues of CosmoGirl. When the mag came out, I was already done with teen magazines and was moving on to bigger and better things, like the real Cosmopolitan and then other magazines after finding out that those 101 sex tips can be made up by a monkey. A horny and crazy monkey, with a bit of taste in fashion too.

But it's not about the magazine itself, but what its closing represents: more laid off workers, fewer job opportunities, and crappy crappy times. Crap crap crap. Make it stop!

CosmoGirl is a part of magazine history too. When Atoosa Rubenstein, at the time a fashion editor at Cosmopolitan, pitched CosmoGirl to Cathie Black at Hearst, this lead to Atoosa becoming the youngest editor-in-chief in Hearst history. I may not have agreed with her views on certain things (like the sexualization of teens and all that fluff in magazine favored over substance), and she did kind of act loopy while on America's Next Top Model, and holy crap seeing her intimidated me like I couldn't believe, but I had maaadd respect for Atoosa because of what she achieved. I could only hope to achieve something like that.


Did I pick the wrong time to pursue magazine journalism?