Friday, March 9, 2007

i saved this on gmail because i dont have balls to update at work

The reason why I can tolerate working for free and one of the reasons why I love being in the magazine industry is that I get free stuff, especially free magazines (it helps me cut my spendings because I can spend more than $20 a month on those things if it's a good month). I managed to get a copy (the second to last one on the rack) of the W April issue, with a story on the one and only Shoe Queen, Imelda Marcos. Love it. Really, I'm fascinated with her and I want to meet her. We can chat about shoes and politics, New York and the Philippines (I think we have a lot in common! Not that I want to be a dictator's wife or anything... dictator maybe... kidding... maybe). I think she'd give me lots of interesting insight on these topics. One day, one freaking day, I will meet Imelda Marcos. (And one day, ONE FREAKING DAY, I WILL have her shoe collection.)

The Mahi Mahi and Ropa Vieja from the Cuban section in the cafe today is delicious, btw. Deeelicious! Cuban food = yumm.

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