Saturday, June 21, 2008

summer is here!

What a grrrreat way to start off the summer-- with a free hour and a half session of Bikram yoga in the middle of Times Square. The sun decided to beam right on Times Square about halfway into the session and my dripping sweat made the SPF in my facial moisturizer sting my eyes and made me tear for a good 30 minutes, but whatever. I got to work out, learn a new form of yoga, get free yoga coupons, aaand tan, all at the same time. I probably have a sunburn on my shoulders (again, ugh) because I didn't use any sunscreen on the rest of my body, but I'll deal.

I feel really good about getting back into yoga and actually trying to be in shape, and I hope I stay on track. I totally feel like a hipster walking around with my yoga mat in my ghetto neighborhood. But it also feels great to be able to do poses and strrrrretchhh. Man, who knew working for a health magazine would inspire me to, like, be healthy?

It also feels great to workout in front of people and not give a damn. Before I ever stepped into my college gym, I was intimidated. Because I knew athletes and athletic people would be there and then there's me-- teeny and out of shape. But you learn to tune things out and just doooo it.

I need an oil-free facial moisturizer with SPF that will not sting like a bitch when it gets in my eyes. Suggestions? Or is that the trade-off for protection from skin cancer?

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