Wednesday, April 11, 2007

nappy-headed hoes

I'm gonna chime in on the Don Imus situation. This man is losing his entire career because of one comment. Yes, it was an offensive comment on many levels. But does it really call for all this backlash? I doubt Imus said what he did with the intent to advertise his racism and sexism. It simply slipped out of his mouth. It was incredibly offensive, but it's the man's opinion, and he has a right to it.

Personally I don't think calling someone nappy-headed is racist. It's an observation. If I called someone frizz-headed (which would be hypocritical of me, and really Don Imus should not be talking about appearances either) I wouldn't be racist, I'd be judgmental. Calling someone a hoe, on the otherhand, is clearly sexist. And that is wrong. But again, it's a personal opinion, and he has a right to voice it. He's in the media, it was his own show, and it was for comic value. It's not like the man is a CNN anchor or a government official. It wasn't funny, but he was just trying to be (I believe Rosie O'Donell made offensive statements towards Chinese people a few months ago, but the loud fat cow still has a job, despite not even giving a genuine apology. Yeah, she's a loud fat cow. There.)

If Imus is punished for his comments, then so should half the "musicians" in the rap industry. Imus gets suspended for something rappers get paid for. Why do Lil Jon and the Ying Yang Twins, among other people in the music biz, get to call women bitches and hoes, have women gyrating in demeaning outfits, and so blatantly sexually objectify women, and get away with it!? Snoop can go to an awards show (or was it in his video) with "his hoes" on LEASHES, but this man can't say a sarcastic comment? Yes, it was highly disrespectful to these accomplished and talented women in Rutgers, but the music industry has been disrespectful to ALL women. Where is the outcry for that?? Nothing but bleeps and edits on broadcast.

Who actually listens to Imus? Compare his audience to the audience of BET and MTV. WHich is more detrimental to society? Get your priorities straight, America. There's a bigger picture beyond Imus' comment, and you're still not seeing it.

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Anonymous said...

Everyone who listened to Imus wanted to be entertained. Yes he made a mistake. But no he is not racist. If you can look at who watches MSNBC from 6AM to 9AM any weekday morning now, you will see who watches. MSNBC is lost. Morning "JOKE" doesn't cut it. CBS is hiring Boomer Esiason. Wow! What a joke he is. He is going to Boom himself right out of there in 6 months.
Imus is coming back in the fall and will take care of the business at hand, and that includes those that did not stand by him in his hour of need. Sharpton, Jackson, Capus, Moonves are nobody in Don Imus's eyes. And they will be attacked front and center.

God bless the man. He has done more good then anyone I have mentioned. And silence the rappers. They are ignorant A-hoes.
Bruce from Florida