Wednesday, April 18, 2007

i see your true colors shining through

I'm sitting in my room, procrastinating as usual on the paper I have to write (another freakin paper and after this another freakin article, like my gosh, can't i just like, have a multiple choice test or make a collage from pretty magazine ads?) and I notice something: my stuff. I see a lot of pinks, purples, and other pastel colors. My hot pink, purple and blue folders, my pink mug, my bright post-its, my pink plaid planner (now that I've actually written that out, I HAVE SO MUCH PINK WTF). I guess I'm just naturally inclined to colorful things. What's odd is that my clothing scheme is pretty basic: blacks, grays, whites and neutrals. So I guess I rely on my accessories to add some life to that. I know I can't pull off loud clothing and I'm not a loud person, so that makes sense.

Really, I just need an excuse to not do work.

I feel that everyone's talking about Virginia Tech and that I should be doing that too, but I simply have nothing to add. Of course I wish well for everyone involved, but besides that, I think it's too tragic to politicize (that's a word, right?). If anything, I think this should teach people to be more friendly. Who knows, maybe if people tried to reach out to the shooter, if he had just one friend, he wouldn't have turned to violence. Little acts of kindness have great impacts. I know a smile from someone or another simple gesture makes me smile. Maybe someone should have given him chocolate, in a box with a nice pink bow.

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