Tuesday, April 3, 2007

what great PR people can do

What were the editors of the New York Times thinking when they decided to put today's story about Barack Obama's fundraising on the front page? How is his grassroots fundraising important news? Is the fact that he's raised money from his local supporters more important than, say, the Iran-UK situation? Hell, the fact that Anna Nicole's baby's paternity is being released today is more newsworthy than that. It would've been front-page material if he announced he had more money than Hillary Clinton, but no, there was no announcement or news in that story. It's a great features story, sure, but it belongs nowhere near the front page. Not everything about Mr. Obama is newsworthy, and frankly, I'm sick of him being all over the place for doing nothing.

To whomever is doing his PR: bravo. And to NYT editors: wtf. It's not your job to kiss Obama's ass. He has enough of Hollywood and the younger, naive population doing that.

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