Monday, May 12, 2008

More Sex! but first take off your hat

the Sex and the City stars at the premiere in the UK, photo courtesy of Getty Images
Getty Images

I get that Carrie/SJP has a unique sense of style. I get it. But who the hell told her to wear a dead plant on her head? Patricia Fields, you may have taken it a bit too far. Get rid of the stupid hat!

And why did the film first show in London instead of New York City? Wouldn't it be oh so fitting for it to be here? Even at the New York Public Library?

Ugh...she has moss in her hair.

But one good thing that did stem from (haha, pun, get it? yay puns!) the London premiere is the new vibrator in honor of the movie and the show that probably sold millions of Rabbits. Are you ready for Mr. Big?

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Brian said...

The pun made me laugh, no joke