Friday, September 7, 2007

Stress Stinks

A complete week of school + work has finished. And I am exhausted. It's only been a week!

I definitely need to go food shopping for my dorm and set up my electric kettle so I can have coffeeeee first thing in the morning, instead of waiting until I get to the office or school cafe.

Here's to a second cup of coffee before 11 a.m. Here's to coffee, period!

I do love working though (god, I'm gonna hate myself for saying that. Meanwhile I just spent what could've been a free afternoon working from my dorm room) and it sucks that my work schedule is cut because of school, just when I was starting to get more responsibilities — like doing my own programming and writing using my own editorial judgment (!!) for the website. I can't wait to graduate. I'm pretty sure I've expressed that sentiment about a million times.

Meanwhile, on Gawker is a copy of an email from a Yale undergrad, with suggestions for taking the easiest classes. It makes me jealous really. Oh the entitled people. And to think, these people will someday rule the country. It's the same everywhere, in the US, the Philippines, probably Zimbabwe: having money makes life a whole lot easier. Equality in terms of economics is a fairytale.

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Brian said...

I had two cups of coffee in succession last night along with that Mad-Croc gum that supposedly has two coffees' worth of caffeine in it...only could sleep from 0300 to about 0630 this morning. I rule.

And you have a new sn?