Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Your mom goes to college!

I just moved into the dorms in the Manhattan campus (I don't know why it's called a campus when it's just one building) and I must say, it's definitely better than living in Queens.

While in Queens I had: my own room, my own spacious closet, my own tv and cable, my own fridge, and 2 private bathrooms and a living room to share with my suitemates. But in Manhattan I have: a triple room, a tiny closet, public bathrooms for the entire floor, a tv for the entire floor because the rooms don't have cable connection (#$%^!!). Based on that alone, I pretty much traded down.

BUT. When I woke up this morning to go to work, I didn't have to stand around Union Turnpike to wait for the bus to take the subway. I just walked 2 blocks to the subway. (Well first I walked to McDonalds for breakfast because the dining hall wasn't open yet...) People were already out, walking to school, work, wherever. There was actual LIFE. And there's Battery Park and the Hudson River footsteps away.

AAAND... Queens is just shitty. Really.

If only I actually set up my schedules better last year so that I could have transferred campuses my junior year instead of senior year, gotten my single room....

Ahh I can't wait to have my own apartment! It probably won't be in TriBeCa, and it probably won't happen until a few years from now (crap, why couldn't I have taken a more practical major that will actually earn money), but aah!

I will miss dorming though. And I will miss college. But I'm looking forward to what's coming next. (That was trite, but whatever.)

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Brian said...

I think I saw you at St. John Hall, but we were going opposite ways on the staircase.

I actually have a class on the 4th floor of SJH...yea, I didn't know there was a 4th floor til I saw my schedule, lol