Sunday, September 28, 2008

Shitfuckshit, continued.

I'm terrified.

I'm looking at job openings and they are not plenty.

Which leads to the dilemma: Do I stick it out for this women's lifestyles magazine/website editorial dream job, or do I cave, become practical and hope the dream comes true someday?

And then, do I stick to writing/communications/media? Or do I go somewhere more practical, stable, lucrative?

I never thought about what happens after college, what happens after the internships. And now... oh crap. How do people figure this out??

I need to grow up. I need to get my shit together again. I've been too comfortable where I am and I need to keep... working, fighting, improving, going.

Good thing I have my shiny new laptop to like, do things with and be up-to-date with technology and such as. The Iraq. Maybe they don't have maps but can see Russia from their house.


BTW, that "Chubby Girl No More" Google ad needs to go away ASAP. There is no chubby girl around here, okay, Google? I'm not fat! But some chocolate would be sooooo good right now.

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