Saturday, April 12, 2008

Oh, yes, I went there

Considering I haven't blogged since last month, I have some updating to do. Ideally, bloggers would have daily (if not multiple daily) entries. But I have a hard time getting to a monthly entry. I'm working on it. I promise. If I ever get my wireless router to cooperate, one day I'll have weekly entries. Oooh.

Some updates:
  • To start off the spring season I decided to get a professional bikini wax at Haven. The spa itself was serene; you can't really find it unless you look for it. The wax job for me seemed a bit, for lack of a better term, half-assed. It was done within 15 minutes and not as painful as the experience is made out to be. On the whole it wasn't unpleasant but I would like a little more attention paid to, um, my special area. On the good side though, the price was very reasonable for a spa in Manhattan. But I think I'd rather splurge next time and go elsewhere. Any recommendations?
  • What's a bikini wax without a bikini? (or 2 or 3?) Maybe I was being punished for my wishful thinking, but the week that my family decided to go on a cruise to Bermuda, the weather was not at all bikini-friendly. Suffice to say, I spent more time waiting in line for the buffet than lounging poolside. But this was my first vacation in a year and a half, so I have no complaints.
  • Some things on the news recently: the FLDS' appalling treatment of girls and women (coincidentally enough, the May issue of Marie Claire has a feature on a family in the FLDS. More on this later, I swear), a possible rice shortage in the Philippines (where rice is grown in the fields but rice is still imported from other countries like Thailand), and the opening of the Newseum in DC. Do I even need to mention the crappy economy of the US?
  • And maybe the best news of all, the weather in NYC is fiiiiinally spring-like!

Anything new I'm missing?

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