Sunday, March 2, 2008

I feel like a dotcom douchebag

I know that the last post I made (and it was a horrible excuse for a post) was in December and I have a lot of catching up to do. I have lots of excuses, but I don't want to make any, so as uninspired as I am right now (I have no caffeine in my system yet even though it's 1 PM), here are a few updates:
  • I'm officially done with school and I'm waiting for my diploma to arrive by FedEx this week.
  • I filed (well actually my mom did for me) taxes for the first time ever.
  • My internship position, where I had been since last May, was eliminated because of financial issues. Having your bosses tell you that your last day is in X number of days sucks. I've never had to leave a job before, so a part of me was really devastated. Friday was my last day and I'll miss it oh so much because I was part of a dynamic team.
  • BUT! my amazing bosses helped me find another paid internship, at a publication that I believe fits me. (It was a little nervewracking to walk into an interview and find out that you'll be talking to the Editor in Chief before talking to the Site Director. Talk about pressure. But they were friendly so phew!) I start tomorrow!
  • And I have a lot of other things to look forward to, including, but definitely not limited to: attending graduation in May, going on a cruise with the fam, and a vacation with the chicas.

So, what's new?

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Brian said...

Good to see things working out for you