Sunday, November 4, 2007

Women in the News

The most emailed article from the Times is currently The Feminine Critique, which examines women in the work force-- dress codes, salary, and the characteristics of what is considered a good boss, in comparison to the standard used when judging men.

For women, dressing for work is a lot more complicated than it is for men. How many inches above/below the knee is appropriate? Is it acceptable to show cleavage and how much? How differently would you be viewed if you wore pantsuits as opposed to dresses? Stilettos or flats? Men would never EVER have to even think about this when they dress in the morning. Looks do count. So damn it, if I like to spend hundreds of dollars on shoes and other pretty things, it's only because it will propel my career to the top, and who doesn't want to be successful? These pretty heels will make me editor in chief! Is that taking it too far? Fine.

But still, I'm at work during the week more than I am asleep in bed (sadly) so I should look nice. Does that make me superficial? I don't think so. It'd probably be easier to walk around in a pantsuit than to decide which blouse goes with what, but who the hell wears pantsuits? Ughck. I am not a pantsuit person.

Women also receive criticism for being too assertive, being too "bossy" but are seen as less competent when they show themselves to be all like, motherly and shit. I'd rather be criticized for being the former-- is that not how you succeed? By being assertive? Which is why it pisses me off when people criticize Hillary Clinton for being too ambitious, "ruthless," as one article had it. What's she supposed to do, bake cookies? You do not achieve success, especially not in politics, if you are not ambitious. Woman has balls, and I admire her for it. You're not gonna get what you want if you sit around and act demure and ladylike. Sometimes you have to push and step on people for it. Which is where the nice shoes come in handy. Duh!

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