Sunday, October 14, 2007

Lazy Sundays

One day I will manage to wake up early on a Sunday morning, sit down in my sweats and pajamas as the day begins and the sun is rising higher in the sky, with a hearty breakfast and strong, hot coffee and read the 5-lb mass that is the NYTimes Sunday edition and my magazine subscriptions. One day.

For now, it's:
1) take a long hot shower while no one else on my dorm floor needs to use the big stall;
2) have a McDonalds breakfast (not that that's not hearty, but it's also heart-attacky [puns! you'd have to have seen the SNL parody of Sex & The City for that to have been funny, otherwise it'd just have been stupid]);
3) buy toiletries from Target because it's cheap (I freaking LOVE that place);
4) go back to my dorm even though the weather is GORGEOUS and there's a CultureFest at the park literally blocks away and it's free and I haven't enjoyed the freaking sun or outdoors in ages becauseee I have a midterm to do;
5) spend 5 hours on that midterm when it should have been done in half that time but Facebook is too damn addicting; and
6) write this blog because I need a break from school work and I don't want to do anymore work dammit.

At least the semester is halfway done. I already have a countdown.

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