Wednesday, September 12, 2007

My Public Service Announcement to Parents

Any parent who allows his or her child to consume coffee, and fancy hoitytoity coffee at that, should be jailed. As someone who started the addiction young, from sneaking in coffee in my chocolate milk at breakfast when I was 8 to always choosing mocha ice cream simply because of the coffee taste, I know. And as someone who gets a terrible headache if she doesn't get caffeine in her system a few hours after waking, I know. You don't want your kids dependent on 5-dollar drinks. And you don't want your kids consuming the ridiculous number of calories in one of those chai-soy-doubleshot-whippedcream-lattecrap that will turn them into fatties. Caffeine dependent fatties. That is not a future you want for your kids.

Speaking of which, I haven't had my second dose of caffeine yet. Too bad the coffee downstairs (which is brewed by Starbucks-- coincidence?) tastes like crap. And doesn't come iced or with whipped cream. mmmmmmmmmmmm......

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Brian said...

i had myself a coffee from dunkin donuts last night because I was too tired and it was only like 930 at night...the feeling of the caffeine wearing out by 1200am was just terrible