Saturday, January 6, 2007

i suck as a blogger. but if you were still using dial-up, you wouldn't want to go online either! i'll be back with stjohn's high speed internet in a week and a half, though, so maybe i wont suck so much then.

for now, i'm bumming around as usual. ive yet to return the shoes i hastily bought because my feet were in pain from standing in stilettos all afternoon at work ($50 missing from my debit and me, missing a $50 shopping trip). and... well, ive yet to do anything else, really. yay for vacation!

im already looking forward to summer vacation, and thinking about what i can possibly do in those 3 months off. do i intern in nyc, travel the world, or intern somewhere else? (not that i've been accepted, or hell, even applied to anything, but i just like knowing what im doing. im a bit of a control freak in that sense.) i really miss spain, and i really want to go somewhere, but i also need to intern and get more experience. plus, traveling without an income is a little... not nice. time will tell i guess.

in the meantime, with the $50 back (given that i return those damn shoes soon), i am planning to buy some galoshes. some people will give me shit for that, but i refuse to spend another day walking around with soggy feet! any suggestions for where to find gorgeous (and affordable) galoshes?

i need to go shopping!

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