Monday, December 18, 2006

ho ho ho!

i'm done with school, almost done at my internship(which is half good half sad), done with christmas shopping, aaand im about to go to florida! im a happy camper really. but when christmas is over and the internship is over, i feel like my month off is basically done. i have to go to jury duty (dammit), go see some doctors because its the only time i can, and then i start with my new internship on the second week of january. after that... school starts. blah. but then again, i would really like to get it all over with. now that i've pulled up my gpa, can i graduate now? why cant i have a job already? hire me please!

in other news.. i was writing something about ANTM and i found out that theres gonna be a Philippines' Next Top Model, with Ruffa Guttierrez-whatever her husbands name is. shes not really a model (does the philippines even have runway models? arent we like, too short?) but when i was little, i looked up to her. literally. she was tall. and pretty. i wanted to be like her. but alas, i was not meant to have such a physique. i do want to watch the show though. which makes me want to go back there too. ah, so many things i want to do!

hasta luego-go,

i rhymed.

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