Friday, December 1, 2006

hello, hello,

It's december and you know what that means?? the end of the semester, finals, MY 21st BIRTHDAY! christmas, christmas shopping, vacation, winter in new york... i can go on and on. i love the month of december, except for the whole studying for finals part. i love winter in new york, seeing the christmas lights at night, walking in the crisp cold winter air. i love love love it.

i also am looking to celebrate my 21st birthday with the girls, in orlando florida! cocktails and sun galore! these first two weeks are stressful, with finals and my internship still going on, and honestly, i feel like getting mindlessly drunk at the end of the day. but that will have to wait until school is over. ill have coffee and tea to drink and articles to write and books to read. boo.

i think winter in new york is so romantic. after my internship i sometimes head over to the time warner center at columbus circle, to grab a bite to eat or browse at borders. well about three weeks ago they set up their holiday display. large glittery ornaments are hanging from the ceiling and holiday music is playing throughout. it just puts you in a good mood! and the view of central park and columbus circle outside is just wonderful. it makes me want to go on a date. (note to self- drag dean out to a date.)

i want to do so many things. this semester needs to be done already!

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